as light a footprint as we can luxuriate in...

In the 19th century on Java, joglos  were built by aristocrats as gathering pavilions. We redesigned Passiflora preserving its essence but with a modern sensibility. 


 natural amenities

  • hand-hewn 100 + year old teak joglo, alang- alang grass roof, polished cement counters, heritage cement tiles.

  • open air living room ( 5 meters to the ridge) designed for cross ventilation. we have ceiling fans, standing fans but no AC.

  • to further minimize our footprint we have a gorgeous shared saltwater pool for the use of Passiflora, Jazmin and Marguerite. It has thousands of hand placed black river stones lining bottom and sides.

  • we are in a hilly village without cars and are hard to find. it takes approximately seven minutes along a river path and then up 30 steps to walk from the car drop-off to our villas. Our recommended drivers know the way and will carry your bags. Others won't.

  • we have preserved rice paddies as part of our commitment to this Balinese tradition. You garden is an ever-changing landscape.

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I called my new home 'the house without walls'

It was wrapped in palm trees, smelled of Jasmine and over the coming weeks, the geckos and frogs would come and go as they pleased! I had long dreamed of being in a place where the inside and the outside were the same. 

— Elle Luna, author of the book The Crossroads of Should and Must



We look forward to taking good care of you. Come experience the Bali of rice farmers. 

We were featured in the New York Times: Building in Harmony in Bali and now our book  Seen Unseen: Embracing Natural Home Design in Bali is out.

Nestled in a preserved rice paddy of Penestanan, our Flora Natural Villas are  designed to be in Touch with Nature. The bedroom closes for privacy but the living room stays delightfully open! We are in the HIP area : yoga, cafes, paddy walks and an easy  20 minute walk to Ubud. Since we are off the beaten path and hard to find we STRONGLY advise using our select drivers who know our location & will be happy to carry your bags the 7 min. walk along a river path + 30 steps.

Our villas are set in a rice paddy, which we have kept, partially intact, as part of our commitment to this ancient Balinese agricultural tradition. Across the rice paddy is our other joglo, Jazmin, Marguerite, our newest is across the walking path. Being mindful of water shortages on Bali, we decided to add a gorgeous shared salt water pool for the use of our guests. Often you will have it to yourself.

Our neighborhood has no car noise, but many sounds of geckos, frogs and collared kingfisher birds, while still walking distance from Ubud (20 minutes).  We carefully design every detail to make sure that staying in these transformed traditional structures is a one of a kind experience in luxurious but simple ecological living. 
As you walk into Passiflora, you'll be taken by the spacious loft -like feeling (1000 sq. ft. /90 meters square) with the added visual pleasure of antique teak timber beams and carved wood panels. The handwoven grass roof known as alang-alang  is a work of art in itself.

We have combined traditional elements, but the sensibility is modern with an emphasis on comfort. There are no villas in Ubud quite as uniquely in touch with nature as Passiflora, Jazmin and Marguerite.
Read on the daybed on the verandah, have a conversation in the living room then have a nap in the bedroom on the king-sized super comfortable bed overlooking the family temple. The kitchen is perfect for cooking: polished concrete countertops and reclaimed wood cabinet doors. At night, the bedroom locks up for privacy and safety, but the living room stays open for maximum connection with nature. You can practice yoga comfortably in so many spots and later bathe under the stars in the sunken tub. Made and Made will pamper you with healthy breakfasts of paper thin omelettes, Bali Buda bread, Bali coffee and our homemade yogurt and jam. No breakfast would be complete without a plate of tropical fruit. Let them know if you have dietary restrictions.

We have a list for you with our favorite secret spots and restaurants and best walks and best beaches that we update regularly for our guests. It is  a very complete list of all things wonderful that are must dos and a local phone for use of our guests with some important preprogrammed numbers in it. Very handy. 

Honeymoon couples love the natural villas, however I also love staying in the natural villas  by myself. Did I mention that we have a beautiful  traditional Balinese family temple on our land. 

Like Jazmin and Marguerite, staying in Passiflora  is a truly unique experience for FIT folks who want to be in touch with the Bali of rice farmers in the most natural but still luxurious way! Enjoy!

Penestanan has become hip... and now has its very own yoga studio, meditation center, approximately 10+ charming restaurants (Indonesian, Thai, Raw/Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan) and cafes and bakery, so you don't even have to get on your motorbike. 
We can organize a scooter for you for $6 per day or
you can take an expensive taxi to Ubud $6 per ride.. or you can walk... 20 minutes.. to all things Ubud . You can also hire a car with a driver for about $50 US.